Universal Water Shortage

Since we claim to be interested in national security, I think it would be vastly more productive to start massive national programs of water conservation and reclamation in arid regions of Africa and Asia, rather than bombing their cities, hospitals, funerals, and killing their women and children in an insane effort to increase our profits.  Our elites seem to have missed the truly hidden treasure that world peace is worth promoting.

When the United States, apparently knowing nothing about democracy, moves into other countries with military forces and the announced idea of introducing them to democracy, our results seem strangely unproductive.  By now the United States has created a vast, seething crowd of enemies all over the world.  Our nation is certainly not secure.

But if we were to use our power and money instead to help institute massive water and water-table reclamation and conservation programs everywhere people are struggling to grow food to feed their families in increasingly arid areas, we would gradually reduce the memories of bombed out schools, childrens’ legs blown off, cities and homes destroyed and extended families buried nearby.

We could generate a whole batch of friends in an era when our survival means working in cooperation with the rest of the people on the planet.

We could offer leadership to the United Nations rather than power politics and manipulation.

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