It really IS up to us!

The most encouraging thing to me about these times is realizing how critically apparent it is that the future of society is in our hands.  If we feel there is nothing we can do about it, we exhibit the slave victim mentality that our oppressors need us to maintain.  They are showing signs of fear around that issue, which is just more encouragement for us.

Let us pray for the peace and enlightenment of our military, for they are propagandized into the worst oppression of any of us, to persuade them to do our dirty work.  It has been noticed repeatedly in the past that when the military joins the revolt, it is over.  Paulo Freire noted fifty years ago that the leadership must come from the most oppressed.

1 thought on “It really IS up to us!”

  1. Whoever you are, Hi there.
    Hurray for browsing! I just discovered your writing and from what I have had the time to read, I find it clear and illuminating. Many decades ago my hubby and I volunteered for Beyond War, and then faded from the war-emphasis — distracted by other causes and personal development needs. Now, as part of this general awakening-by shock-treatment I am trying to get clear on how best to become more active. There are so many issues to address, all important. Yet, the beyond war goal, impossible as it sounds, comes up again.
    I live 20 min. away from Springfield, in Hartland,
    Do you have meetings or so?

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