Hatred is a Poison We Use to Undo our Lives

My e-mail inbox used to be a few announcements, a couple of petitions for favorite causes, some passing thoughts from friends, and an occasional  stimulating post about some issue in the news.

All that is different now.  Since the Democratic Party discovered its adherents didn’t like their sabotage of Bernie Sanders and the party operatives got on their corporate high horse, the lies and accusations grew apace.  The result of the Democratic Party not being able to offer a working person’s candidate has caused an explosion of green ants with levels of misrepresentation and hatred that used to be the domain of the frightened Tea Party right.

We have attained new levels of fuming, acrid hatred.  Are we such children to be so angered at the threat to some mental construction?  Are we so frightened of what might happen that we have to break out in boils of hatred?  The Democratic Party has become a slightly different flavor of the Republican Party, both owned and operated by Deep State forces, but distinguished almost entirely by their list of hates.  The right used to hate college professors, blacks, communists, Muslims, Mexicans, West Coasters, East Coasters, and an array of others who clearly could not think straight.  Now the “liberal” elite, all that’s left of the Democratic Party, many of whom have stolen the label “progressive” as though nobody knew the meaning of that word, are busy conjuring up hatred of the Russians, hatred of all the critics of International Regime Change and American Exceptionalism, and all the ideas that came with this figment of the American Dream they created who has lurched into the White House.

Other than being a great bore in my inbox, the point of noting this explosion of hatred is that we have entered a fairly modest window of opportunity to awaken to seeing the unnecessary self-pollution of hatred and to recognize that were we to suddenly calm down and grow up, we would see that we are able to talk to people we don’t understand very well about our problems.  We have a great number of problems we could be discussing, many of which are connected to forestalling our extinction, but the first and foremost of which is to come to terms with the elementary notion that violence can not solve a thing, along with its corollary that additional violence pushes all solutions farther away.

This window of opportunity is for the people to take charge of their government, since the present government seems Hell-bent on suicide for all of us, and without our permission.   The “Justice Democrats” might be a way to break into the system, but only as a first step, since the system is poisoned beyond reclamation.  Nonetheless, that could be a start.  Whatever we do, we have to cut out everything we hate, because they’re all bad habits.  We are at a stage when we really have to think clearly and with foresight, which no one can do who is lost in the turmoil of hatred.

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