Becoming Planetary People

We people can live in peace and harmony, but we have to choose to do that and then stick to it against all odds to remove the rich and powerful who actually want a slave state.  We can identify some values we have that will help us direct ourselves into the human development we need for this undertaking.  We can also help our brothers and sisters understand that personal liberation is the path to the happiness they’re missing.

One value is the common understanding that we are all connected.  With all kinds of individual interpretations, we recognize there is only one mind and we all have a direct connection to it, and through that to all other people and whatever other spirits or guides we recognize as such.

We all have access to different ways to think and feel about everything, and the composite of our thinkings and feeling constitute the world we perceive, which of course is different for each of us.  We all respect the sacred individuality of every human on our planet.  Exploitation and violence are only demeaning to ourselves.

Everything has unseen aspects and what there is that we don’t know is infinite in comparison to what we do know, and what we do know is just our rational and egoistic way of making sense of our world.  All our separate worlds are is created by the collections of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings we have about the world we perceive, so we can’t really know a great deal of what is real in another person’s world.

When we remember that we love living on this planet, our desire to take care of it will be energized, and we will be able to notice that we have already dug up and thrown away all the earth’s gifts we need.

When we have used such values to bring our consciousness to a spiritual level, we will be ready to think of ourselves as respectable, respectful, loving, lovable people filled with hope for our grandchildren.  We can then work together to figure out how to live with all our neighbors, near and far, peacefully and sustainably.

It will take some time for all this to come together, but I observe that I am very far from the first to imagine this stuff, that our teachers have been talking about this stuff all along, so we are already well on our way to a much better world.  I think we are called to gently but firmly rein in our over-enthusiastic and partly asleep brothers and sisters who have impeded themselves by their attainment of power and prestige.

When we have become the people with the big picture, the ones we can trust to behave, we will face several objectives:

The first thing we have to do is get rid of our war habit.  That means only honing our diplomatic skills, for all adults now can settle problems with discussion, sometimes requiring the help of a disinterested third party.  But before we can have honest discussions, we have to learn to respect all people as peers, and we are peers in the effort to live sustainably and peacefully on this planet.  It is merely a bad habit to suppose that some of us are better than others of us.

We have to be sure that families, or groups of families, have enough land, food, and water to sustain themselves and their children.  We have to get rid of our borders and fences, except for those required to keep livestock eating in the right place.

We have to create a public banking system by which our worker-owned-and-directed enterprises can arrange loans for startup, expansion, or moderization.  We have to eliminate private banks and private corporations that are working for profits rather than to fulfill some specific need in some specific place.

Our government can be a representative assembly, elected by all the people in a preferential election.  Then as the assembly is faced with the need to solve specific questions, it will appoint a committee from among volunteers to research the ways and means best suited to solve that specific problem.  If my understanding is correct, that is how Sweden solves problems.  Lots of people participate on lots of problem-solving committees which present well worked-out solutions which the assembly usually has little to add or subtract and can affirm the committee work as legislation.

We will have a widepread court and police system to help settle disputes between small numbers of people and we will be sure that laws serve common interests but not special interests.  We will abolish the idea of private proverty (i.e. real estate) because we will need all the arable land for growing crops we really need, like food and trees, and not for missile factories.  We will have major pieces of public lands, such as parks, trails and roads, special places that all people need free access to, much like the Commons in England before 1600.

All mining or removal of fluids from the planet will have to be done in areas researched as best for that purpose and only as absolutely needed and with great care.  By and large, mining should cease and be replaced by recycling of the materials we already have readily at hand, sometimes in landfills.  I know Afghanistan has lots of lithium and rare earth elements, but we must be very careful and minimalist in our perturbation of the planet.

An enterprise can get a startup license if the need for its product or service is clearly identified within a reasonable distance of the proposed location of the enterprise.   No profits will be made on speculation, and currency will not be used for speculation, because we need a stable distribution of both working capital and worker salary for buying food, clothes, etc.  Wealth accumulation will be allowed only under very strict guidelines, and worker wages will vary only within a factor of eight or ten.  We have learned the hard way that greed and power over others is a terrible disease, once confused with the American Dream.

This is intended only to be a few disorganized ideas suggestive of a way of thinking.  Others are already far down the path toward building such a society.

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